Excellia Tequila

Like the meaning of the word « Excellence », Excellia™ possesses premium qualities in an eminent degree. Excellia™ exalts merit and superiority in virtue. Excellia™ can also be interpreted as "Ex-Cellar" in reference to the ageing cellars. The name Excellia™ is therefore linked to the time needed for Excellia's maturation and the time needed for the casks to gain their brandy and sweet wine personalities. Moreover, Excellia™ is a feminine name in a masculine world (the name tequila in Spanish is of male gender). Excellia™ provides elegance, sophistication, roundness and smoothness to the tequila category. Finally, Excellia's logo "X" looks like an unknown element of a mathematical equation implying the Sauternes wine casks, cognac barrels, the tequila base, as well as two different know-hows and cultures.